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Host Name


Host Name

Personal Introduction

Program Introduction


Chin Meng-Tsung

Host of the Dream Garden program


Standing director of the Taiwan Media Applied & Marketing Association


Education: Master’s degree, the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts, NTUA


Experience: National Education Radio program host

PTS program host


Being elected the most favorite “voice on the radio” in Taiwan in 1997 and 1998


Title: Dream Garden

Time: 11:00pm-0:00am (Monday-Friday)


The Dream Garden program on Taipei Broadcasting Station mixes classic western pop songs with spiritual thoughts on life, hoping to create the function of combining education with entertainment. The host, Chin Meng-Tsung, with his emotional tone, leads the listeners into the world of love songs of the 60s to 90s, dissecting precisely the lyrics’ meaning and background to let listeners feel like travelling through the time tunnel and wandering in the faded past.



Liao Wei-fan

Hi, I’m Liao Wei-fan, but everybody calls me “the sunshine boy”. Although it fits my personal image very well, I’m still a bit shy about this nickname. I am a gentle Leo and love my family and children and a bit of money, too (not anymore though). Since 2010, my aspiration is to become a “charity entertainer”, looking to put more love and care into both work and life.

Title: Love in Taipei

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)


Love in Taipei just wants to be a program with emotions, allowing for the truest expression here of the attachment between people.



My favorite things: sharing stories with grown-ups and kids, dating with self, sharing and exploring spiritual growth with friends, doing Dunhuang dance, walking, listening to soothing music, broadcasting, writing articles, being curious of novel things, and traveling.

Things I hate the most: being pressed for time, arguing, being under stress, and listening to insincere talks.

My favorite foods: non-greasy food and fresh vegetables

Foods I disliked foods: milk, yogurt, and greasy food

My favorite places: Taipei Broadcasting Station and Taipei Public Library

Places I hated: underpass

My favorite animals: rabbit and dog

Animals I’m afraid of: snake, cockroach, eel, mouse, and crocodile

Title: Taipei.Education

Time: 9:00pm-10:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Title: Energy for the Mind

Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)


Energy for the Mind: Being a social service-style program, it focuses on “new immigrants” on Saturday and “single parents” on Sunday, presenting the touching moments and warmth in spiritual interaction and experience sharing, just like the unlimited support and company provided by families.


Entering the Garden of Life – Through experience sharing by those formerly married, one who is tempered by pain and tears feels the improvement within himself/herself.

My Relationship Garden – Taking family topics that everyone is concerned about, My Relationship Garden accompanies listeners in their exploration and opens up a space for dialogue among oneself and other family members, allowing for the full working of love’s energy.

The Xin-Du-Li (Power of Reading for the Mind) Era – With a focus on “the self”, this unit and others complement each other, allowing a listener to interconnect – through words, sound, and the mind – for a beautiful garden of personal harmony.

A Different Sky – This unit opens a window, inviting women who are new immigrants to talk about their own experiences.

Minding the Family Is Something New – Invite kids to take part in domestic affairs, having parents and children completing all chores together.

A Little More Happiness – Through dialogues with a mind worker, the audience sees more clearly of predicaments that have often hindered them.


Taipei Boléro

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm (Sunday)


Poetry’s Pink Panthers: Sharing interesting poems.

Poetry’s Pub: How do poets see the world differently from the way we do?

Poetry Fan Page: What were some “inspirations of poetry” or “stars of poetry” we once “chased”?

Poetry’s Hide and Seek: Words with power become poems, hiding in our lives like children playing hide and seek. And people from different industries also create poems in their own life and work.

Poetry’s Mountain out of a Molehill: Poetry and love bring a heart the greatest satisfaction. When we are willing to return the attention “kidnapped” by screens to people and life, and then our lives will become more poetic.

Poetry is like Drama: Finding traces of poetry in classic styles of traditional dramas.

Poetry plays the Make-believe game: From the perspective of poetry, how do the characters show themselves in the poem?


Ming Te Lee

iWant-Radio campus folk song host/radio host/ceramist

Lyricist/composer/record producer/improv singer/singing teacher

Talent agent/event executive

Skilled in singing Chinese, English, Japanese and Taiwanese Hokkien songs

Title: The Song of Na Lu Wan

Time: 9:00am-11:00am on AM1134 (Monday-Friday)



Bi Lau Bi Li

I’m Bi Lau Bi Li. Listen to my show on Oh Hi Young AM1134.

Title: Aboriginal Music Oh Hi Young (AM1134)

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm (Monday-Friday)


The “artistic and humanistic spirit of the indigenous people” is what this program seeks to convey to the audience. Through aboriginal songs and dances, full of tribal flair, we will show the infectious power and explosiveness of the aboriginal culture.

We hope that listeners can enjoy a fine aboriginal program that is relaxing, life-oriented, educational, exquisite, and rich in content while working hard every day. When it’s two o’clock in the afternoon, it’s time to tune in to the Aboriginal Music Oh Hi Young.


Shi Xian-Qin

As a romantic Pisces, I enjoy reading, and also like to chat with children with plenty of imagination.

Title: Taipei Fun Reading

Time: 12:00am-13:00am (Saturday )


Reading is just like a bridge leading the way to world stage. Reading is also like a seed conserving the energy of hope for the future.

Spread the wings of hope and start to read via radio program “Taipei Fun Reading”.


Chin Ho

Chin Ho– name of a handsome good (old) man, he has a deep voice, a neurotic personality, a helping heart….

Working in the radio profession for over 10 years, few people knew that he couldn’t speak before the age of 5 but talked a lot once grew up. He was formerly in the military, and some thought that he would have become an excellent leader for the military. However, he entered the radio profession and, since then, has been talking for over 10 years. Oh! This is life!

Title: Slow Tempo in Taipei

Time: 0:00am-1:00am (Monday-Friday)


This is a program for slowing down the pace. After being busy the whole day, is it necessary to still be so busy early in the morning? Putting everything aside, just calm your mind and listen together to classic songs that belong to you and me.

Title: More Entertainment in Taipei

Time: 13:00pm-15:00pm (Monday-Friday)



As it goes,”choose what you love and love your choice.”I am a radio fan since my childrhood. Thanks to the audience’s support and my friends’cheering, now I fulfill my dream and engage in voice-related work. Look forward to
meeting you up in the radio program.

Title: Republic of Dreams

Time: 7:00pm-7:30pm (Sunday)


Some people say, the most beautiful scene in Taiwan is people. In such a scenery land, Formosa, we’ve gone through many changes, and live with different groups from different cultural backgrounds. The different cultural features and languages enshape the new culture in Taiwan. This program is planned to help New inhabitants’ children to learn more about their original cultural backgrounds. Wish all the children grow up happily with self-confidence, love and dreams.





I like radio broadcasting. I love it ardently. I like building up relationships with people over the air through the radio.


Title: Blessed in Taipei

Time:9:00am-11:00am (Monday-Friday)


Caring for families and the disadvantaged, the program enables listeners to discover the little happiness in life together through the planning of numerous units.

On the program, relevant agencies are invited to probe into social welfare issues and policies, enabling listeners to understand the related information on social welfare, to convey the true essence of giving being more blessed than receiving. On the part of the care for women, the “picture book” unit is planned for book reading between parents and their children, domestic experts share secrets to household chores, and the dish of the week delivers the fine taste of happiness, along with life-related legal inquiries, bringing intellectual, sensible and life-oriented information to female friends. Additionally, the program also plans to accept call-in at the appropriate time, inviting listeners to share the happiness and the touching moments in their lives.



I’m Xin-ya. I welcome you all to find out about me from my programs. Thank you!

Why do I like radio broadcasting?

If I answer that I’ve liked the mystery contained in the black box ever since I was little, would you think that it’s conventional to say that?

Who I am is actually not important. What’s important is what you, the listeners, wish to take from my verbal messages

You can listen to my voice between 3 and 5pm every Monday through Friday on the “Stay Tune in Taipei” program for two hours of getting what’s needed and during the western pop music DJ time between 3 and 5am on “Sleepless Western Music”. You are all welcomed!

Title: Stay Tune in Taipei

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm (Monday-Friday)


Soft Information for Consumers in Taipei (Tuesday and Thursday) – to be presented in association with the Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei and the Travel Quality Assurance Association, respectively

Natural Life in Taipei – to irregularly share with the public, on the air, lifestyle propositions on LOHAS and environmental protection

Title:Old Art Modern Form

Time: 08:00am-09:00am (Sunday)



Will is the first DJ to be developed by the Taipei Broadcasting Station ever since his school days. He is a near-fanatic when it comes to music. He loves music, movies, sports, and travel. Whether or not he has a good voice or good looks is not important at all. What’s important is that, on every Sunday, he keeps you company for several pleasant hours with fine music he has prepared.

Title: Jazz Fun Music

Time: 3:00am-5:00am (Sunday)


Title: Bill Board 200 & KKBox Weekly Album Chart

Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm (Sunday)


Luo Kuo-sheng

I’m Kuo-sheng, nicknamed the “Hakka guy”! I’m from Jiadong, Pingtung!

Title: Hakka in Taipei

Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm (Monday-Friday)


An introduction of Hakka culture, please tune in to Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1.



Paiwan Xiao Tsai

Driven by an enthusiasm for radio broadcasting, a dedication to the programs, the respect of superior officers and the love of listeners, I’ve grown out of the unfamiliarity at the beginning to become more experienced, shifting from music and variety programs to the aboriginal culture. In today’s highly-contended radio broadcasting world, only by continuing to enrich myself, by establishing my position and by grasping innovative program features can I hold on to this radio heaven that belongs to you and me. I appreciate and look forward to your support and encouragement!

Title: Aboriginal Taipei

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm (Monday-Friday)


“Aaboriginal.com”– aboriginal cultural information, “VuVu Is Singing”– music and arts, “Tribal Expressway”– tribal news, and “Taipei Palakuan”– guest interviews, making it inspirational, entertaining, current and life-oriented. More than just allowing indigenous friends to grow from stories, songs, and news, the program also satisfies urban listeners’ curiosity in the aboriginal culture and enables them to hear the diverse sounds in Taipei.


Title: For music of all types

Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm (Saturday)


Past and present, local and foreign, good songs are here with Paiwan Xiao Tsai. We invite you to tune in, between 3-5am and 5-7pm on Saturday, to the Time Music Special on Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1 to join the host, Paiwan Xiao Tsai, who will be bringing you classic songs of our times.


Chang Hsiao-ying

Many years of experience in broadcasting, loves theater and the arts, etc.

Title: Good Neighbor in Taipei Community

Time: 7:00am-8:00am (Sunday)


Taipei is our home, and everyone who lives here has an obligation to care about the city. Over the years, Taipei has been quite successful in the promotion of community development, having established 359 community development associations with many of them even carrying out cross-borough operation to create diverse learning and growth opportunities in communities. Under the devoted efforts of various development associations, we’ve witnessed the exploitation of many resources; the cultural and artistic development in communities driven by creative ideas and the shortening of the distance between citizens through activities. With so many resources, if we are able to integrate them via the radio, we will have more creative ideas to interact with and more results to observe and learn from each other, enabling every citizen of Taipei to know more about our home and our beautiful, warm and vigorous community.


Title: Drama red carpet

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm (Saturday)


This show’s direction and uniqueness are akin to a drama version of the Million Star show, with elements of its popular content, but including all kinds of categories in the artistic and cultural fields. Incorporating traditional performances and modern information, an exciting blend, wide and deep. The show strives to broaden inclusivity, and grow solid roots. Let the charm of modern culture and classical depth of art shine on drama’s Million Star show!


No No

Often someone would ask me, “Being a short lady, how can you be so energetic?” I usually answer cockily that I am a little sun myself. However, to me, I really mean what I say because it’s my wish to extend my sincere heart, for as long as I live, to friends who don’t know me or friends who I don’t know in the hope that everyone is able to find the radiance and enthusiasm of his/her life from my energy.

Of course, you don’t need to pay for the energy, but please remember to replicate another “little sun” to pass on this energy once you’ve got it.

Title: Healthy Taipei City

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm (Monday-Friday)


From the perspectives of “preventive medicine” and “disease recognition”, the Healthy Taipei City program shares with listeners knowledge on a daily basis, in the hope of promoting the practice of healthy living through simple means.


Chen Kuan-chou

He was formerly the secretary of the National Symphony Orchestra the head of its production division, the winner of the Golden Melody Award for the best classical album and a nominee for best album producer. He was involved in parts of the score production for Jay Chou’s movie, “A Secret I Can’t Tell”, and even played a cameo role in the movie. Starting 2009, he became the planner and host of the Mini Concert with the Organ at the National Concert Hall. In 2010, he worked as the music coach for the movie, “Close to You”. As a person involved in different domains of music, he interprets music in simple language and in a thorough, comprehensive way to bring a fresh new experience to the listeners of Taipei Classical Music Talk.

Title: Taipei Classic Music Talk

Time: 11:00pm-00:00am (Saturday & Sunday)


Focusing on classical, film and crossover music, the program builds a musical platform that accompanies listeners in the quiet night with relaxing music. “Staying close to life” is the principle for the program’s content, making classical music no longer an elite form of music, but a kind that can be enjoyed like pop music, hoping to further blend classical music into the daily life.



Hi! I’m Jeffrey, I love experiencing a wide range of fresh things and happenings! Radio lover and Taipei Broadcasting Station’s Prince of covering for other hosts. Life is a never-ending lesson. Come join me in listening to wonderful things and let’s grow together!

Title: Music 101

Time: 1:00am-3:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm(Saturday)


A pop music show mostly focused on introducing Mandarin songs. If you want to know what’s popular in the Mandarin music scene, just tune in to Music 101!


Title: Relax in Taipei

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm(Sunday)


Public service category - a travel show focusing on sharing specific information related to culture, tourism, travel in Taipei City and the cultural and creative industries!


“Civil Society Editors” famous commentators

Mon.-Jeff Lo;

Tue.-Tiehchih Chang

Wed.-Leon Chuang & Banwen Lin

Thu.-Grace Cheng & Kirsten Huang

Fri.-Hui Rong Zhu.

Title: Civil Society Editor

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm (Monday-Friday)


The program serves as a platform for providing information related to daily living and the city, enabling citizens to express their opinions and to give suggestions on building a better Taipei. Every Monday to Friday, the program welcome citizens to join in the discussion on finance, culture, citizen participation, education...etc.
Cai Qi Love classical Chinese literature, fantasy, fiction, ethnic music, Chinese opera, painting, photography, dancing, traveling, the nature, and animals. And radio broadcasting is the only job that allows for the combination of all these interests, thus the passion and love for radio program hosting.

Title: Music Map

Time: 0:00am-1:00am (Saturday & Sunday)


Travel through time, explore the progression of music development and search for musical treasures with Nymph Cai Qi. Every Sunday at midnight, follow the Music Map to go on a mystical, resplendent musical journey, traveling through time and around the world with music.


Ting has entered music and entertainment industry since 1985.The reason of people would like to follow her is not only because of her contribution for producing music, but she plays an important role in music industry.

Working Experience:

Music album producer.




Music business management.

Management of copyright and related rights.

Chairperson of Music Copyrights Society of Chinese Taipei.

Being judge for music competition.


The Dinddy Show

Time: 4:00am-5:00am (Sunday)


“The Dinddy Show” is a brand-new radio program that shortens the distance between radio host and audience. Dinddy will share her personal experience and opinion about some issue that related to Music industry and introduce a lot of important people from music industry that people might not familiar with in this show. Audiences are allowed to send their “demo track” and ask for Dinddy’s advice or ask questions through the fan page from Facebook as interaction! No promotion but sharing high quality music in this program is our top priority.

Fan page on Facebook:


Chen Zi Xuan

Birthday: 21,September

horoscope: Virgo

blood type: O

Favorite things: Get along with students well.

good at:teach English

feel sweet:Smashing cakes on my birthday in the classroom

hope:Student achievement progress

achievement:teach every students well

Teaching experience:17 years


Fall in love with English is a wonderful thing

In my head

Day and night


Reading English is a happy thing

It increases your comprehension

Learn the thoughts on life unconsciously


Speaking English is a happy thing

It makes you pronounce in a beautiful tone

Increased self-confidence unconsciously


Listening English is a beautiful thing

Let you concentrate

Let you enjoy


Writing English is a beautiful thing

open your imagination.

open your mind


What a wonderful things

Hope you will enjoy it!

Carrie's roll call time

Time: 9:00pm-9:30pm (Monday-Friday)


Through the story, through the sharing, hope everyone could fall in love with English,be spontaneous to love English!

Angel Hu

Majored in law during university, and has always had a straightforward nature and strong sense of justice. After many years of training in the workplace, she found that helping others was her real mission, and through her beautiful, God-given voice hopes to help listeners on air bravely face and solve their problems.

Experience: Producer/Host of Civil Society Editors show on Taipei Broadcasting Station (2015.12 ~ now)

Producer/Host of Represent Taipei show (2007.5 ~ 2015.12)

Producer/Host of Taipei Easy Go show on Taipei Broadcasting Station (2006~2007.5)

Producer/Host of Radio Night show on Police Broadcasting Service (1996~2001)

Coordinator/Producer of Broadcasting Corporation of China’s Star River show (1996~1997)

Host of Metropolitan People show on Good News Radio Station (1995~1996)

Also formerly children’s show host of Far East Broadcasting Company, National Education Radio, and Taipei Broadcasting Station.

Title: Taipei Morning News

Time: 8:00am-9:00am (Monday-Friday)


This is a newspaper news program, bringing the latest major events to everyone firsthand through reading the morning newspapers. Well-known domestic newspapers include the China Times, United Daily News, Liberty Times, Apple Daily, etc. Each newspaper organization edits its writing in different ways, and will report from varied perspectives. This allows listeners to quickly understand every major news outlet’s standpoint within an hour, and pass balanced assessments in life.

During the second hour, to give listeners a better understanding of their work, Taipei City Government’s relevant departments and offices will be holding interviews at different times during the show, and participating in direct dialogue with the public, thereby narrowing the distance between government and citizens.
Ms. Flower  

Flower’s Sound Studio for Kids

Time: 9:00am-9:30am (Sunday)


A high-quality children’s program. Let your children grow up in a knowledgeable and interesting environment, with childhood memories of their own. The host has many years of experience in professional children’s show broadcasting, sure to capture children’s attention with rich stories and informative expositions! The show hopes to relieve pressure on parents during weekends and holidays while helping children learn, grow character, and love radio.

Artist A lifelong believer in music, convinced that the world cannot be without melody, has a sense of adventure for all types of music, listens to music and loves to play music as well.

Taiwanese Era

Time: 8:00am-9:00am (Sunday)


Taiwanese songs may be the most listened to music in Taiwan, but in media coverage they make up less than ten percent of music genres. This show gives listeners a new understanding of Taiwanese songs through different presentation methods and impressions from listening.

Uncle William A real life perfectionist, a stubborn workaholic in the art world….; after reaching middle age, abandoning this piece by piece!

Creative Lifestyle

Time: 3:00am-4:00am (Sunday)


Innovation is constructed on the inventions of predecessors; whoever finds a new idea is king! Purity can no longer satisfy modern people. Art today emphasizes the mutual integration of different kinds of media; the show introduces examples of this collision of art, hoping to stimulate creativity and expand thought.

Ma Tai-Yun Hosted a radio show with Zhou Zhi-Ping before his first album was released, garnering fame from the show even before the album release. Hosting together again after 28 years, it’s already the “Silver Times.” This time it’s to make elder friends happy every day!

Title: Silver Times

Time: 5:00am-6:00am (Monday-Friday)


Program content / Health / Elder-friendly community / Early morning greetings / Observations on silver-haired care

Wang Rui-Gin

Wang Rui-Gin has been in the industry for almost 20 years, dubbing advertisements, drama, cartoons and narration. Wang Rui-Gin is known for dubbing the voice of Mother in “Atashin’chi” and Mitsy in “Crayon Shin-chan”, as well as female main characters in Korean dramas like “Winter Sonata” and “Master’s Sun”.

Recently, she spent hours recording the audio tour for the cultural relics of thewhole Aurora Museum in Shanghai.

Thanks to her sweet and versatile voice, with charm and recognized talent, her story has been covered by several media outlets (CTI, EBC, FTV News) and she has been a guest on many shows (Kangxi Coming, University, Jacky Wu’s Hot Door Night, Hu Gua’s Witty Star, and Chang Hsiao Yen’s Mission of the Queen, etc.).

Hua Ma Story

Time: 9:30pm-10:00pm (Monday & Tuesday)


Well-known voice actress Wang Rui-Gin (Hua Ma) wants to give every child a chance to “listen to a story”. She brings children into stories with her rich and professional vocal performance, traveling with them through the limitless worlds in books, and touching the soul of every child.

Little Jasmine Little Jasmine likes liveliness but also enjoys the quiet, likes to be wild but is also cautious; she is an ever-changing Sagittarius and daughter of the Sakizaya, Little Jasmine.

Ken’ Taywawa

Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm on AM1134 (Monday-Friday)


Today many aboriginal families face financial pressure, which changes the family structure. The show respects the realities of social issues, including unemployment, single parenting (grand-parenting) and social welfare in the hope of reconstructing family values. The goal is to accompany society and ethnic groups through the warmth of the program, providing every indigenous family in the city with a remembrance of home, and concentrating the tribal people’s hopes toward the future.



I’m Fish, a fish that swam into the radio broadcasting circle simply on passion. I hope to share information, music, and life together with you.

Title: Love Music 931

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm (every Saturday)


On a lazy weekend afternoon, leisurely listening to music is not a bad idea. But while listening to the songs, we’d like to let you know “the story behind the song” and “the way to listen to the song”, so that the songs become more meaningful, and that you’ll fall in love with music.

Mermaid Wonderland

Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm (Monday-Friday)


During the intermission of a busy working day, let’s slow down our pace and enter the wonderland to enjoy Taipei’s happiness, arts and leisure, astrology entertainment and municipal administration. 931’s air map keeps you well informed and allows you to roam freely on air.


Hao Guan-Cai

America’s “Publisher Weekly” called him the driving force behind Taiwan’s connection to the international picture book world. Hao Guang-Cai can be described as a key figure in the transition of Taiwanese children to the picture book era. His original works and editions of picture books combine the world’s creative resources, and recruit local and international illustrators to interpret both classic literary and modern children’s literary creationsin a variety of art styles. Pushing for excellence in creativity and quality, Hao has won many international awards, including “Bologna Children’s Book Fair Selection”, “Biennial of Illustration Bratislava Selection”, “Catalonia Illustrator’s Fair” and “UNICEF Illustrator of the Year”, as well as national awards including the “Golden Tripod Award”, “Open-Book Best Children’s Book”, “Good Books For Everyone” and “Extracurricular Reading Materials for Primary and Middle School Students”.

Hao Guang-Cai not only has a wealth of experience in planning and editing picture books, but as a writer, also possesses a unique style of creation in books full of imagination, which are widely loved by both children and adults, and guides children to understand various aspects of life.

He thinks reading is the best game, and picture books are the best toys. He says, “The farthest distance on earth is not when I stand in front of you, yet you don’t know I love you; instead, it is that I’ve read The Little Prince and you have not; I like The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway, but you have no interest in fishing…”

Good Story Everyday

Time: 9:30pm-10:00pm (Wednesday-Friday)


Stories are the memories of life, and we can only pass down good memories through good stories. Through Hao Guang-Cai’s rich experience and knowledge in publishing picture books and children’s books, with real stories as a foundation and literary classics for nutrition, children’s intelligence is enriched and children’s thinking is stimulated. Create roots for reading and plant the seeds in every spirit so as to pass down good memories from generation to generation, and cultivate children’s breadth and height of life so that they will become adults with deeper thoughts.