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Taipei Broadcasting Station


TBS: Celebrating Five Decades of Achievements

Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) celebrated its 50th anniversary with a major event on July 29th. Many former directors, including 96-year-old founding director Chien Chiang-chao and 91-year-old former director Liu Chien-han, attended the party to wish tbs happy birthday. More than one hundred guests attended this celebration event.

The celebration party was hosted by Director Tina Chen of TBS, she overviewed the history of TBS and expressed her deepest appreciation for the efforts dedicated by the members of TBS over the past 50 years. At the milestone of the 50th anniversary, Director Chen also showed her strong will to lead her staff to create a new era of TBS, and to provide better services to the listeners. A celebration concert was held on the evening of July 31th at Da’an Forest Park.

Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin attended this party and remarked that TBS had a glorious past, but that today it is confronting new challenges from competitors on other media platforms. The radio station is both an important asset of the City and an important channel of communication, allowing the city government to stay in touch with its constituents.

He explained that he took the initiative to join the TBS family by taking part in a special interactive call-in program on city affairs, which is held on every Wednesday 18:00~19:00. Through this program, the mayor is able to learn from callers about problems requiring further attention and help. The 1-hour-long program is also a venue where he can discuss city policies in detail with the listeners.

The mayor promises that the city government will support TBS in regard to facility improvement and equipment upgrades. He also expressed his gratitude to the listeners, promising that the radio station will continue to offer them quality programs and services.