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Year of the Dog: APO Holds Campaign to Boost Black Dog Adoption

Year of the Dog: APO Holds Campaign to Boost Black Dog AdoptionIn a bid to encourage adoption of black dogs and reverse the unfavorable images often associated with them, the Animal Protection Office (APO) has initiated a campaign inviting dog owners to share pictures of their furkids to earn prizes. The event runs from February 8 through March 8.

Black dogs have been stereotyped as “vicious and a symbol of bad luck,” APO pointed out. Therefore, it takes an average of 420 days for a black canine kept at the Taipei Animal Shelter to find a home – longer than it takes for its counterparts with different hair colors.      
In light of this, APO has mounted the “Shine in Black” campaign since October 2017 in collaboration with Era Ogilvy Public Relations and HohoAd, seeking to promote the cuteness and beauty of black dogs and correct people’s misconceptions of these lovable pets. The project involves photoshoot sessions for nine sheltered black dogs, one of them named “Ella,” whose pictures will appear on the LED advertising boards at MRT stations and bus stops.  
As part of the program, pet owners are invited to post a photo shot containing “their furkid and the dog Ella’s cardboard cutout” on the fan page of Taipei Animal Shelter https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas/ (Chinese) and tag five keywords. The first 81 participants will receive a souvenir. The organizers will hold a live streaming event on March 15 to choose 20 recipients for a special gift; they will be selected from participants who have not won prizes in the event.  

For more information on the event, visit the Chinese website of APO at http://www.tcapo.gov.taipei (Chinese)