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Mayor Visits Fish, Fruits, and Vegetables Markets

Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the city’s wholesale fish market, as well as the fruits and vegetables market in the early morning of February 9. He took the opportunity to deliver his Chinese New Year well wishes to the vendors.
Mayor Visits Fish, Fruits, and Vegetables MarketsAccompanied by Department of Economic Development Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh and Market Administration Office Director Sheu Shyuan-mou, the mayor offered his prayers at the Saint of War Shrine and Earth God Temple near the markets, hoping that the coming year will be one with prosperity and happiness. He also prayed for the well-being of the earthquake victims in Hualien.
He also expressed his gratitude to the merchants whose hard work over the past year ensured abundant supply of fresh fishery products for city residents. Seeing the influx of shoppers at the fish market, the mayor wished the vendors booming business in the coming year.
Asked by the media whether his visit to the wholesale markets was out of concerns that there might be price fluctuations with the approach of the Chinese New Year, the mayor noted that the purpose of his visit was to wish everyone a prosperous year while inspecting the operations of the markets.