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Japanese Peony Exhibition to Bloom at City Hall

Japanese Peony Exhibition to Bloom at City HallThe “Daikon Island Peony Exhibition” will be held at the lobby of City Hall between 10 AM on February 6 and noon on February 9.
It has been three year since the previous floral showcase spotlighting peonies from the Japanese city of Matsue last took place in Taipei. The floral exchange serves to boost exchange between Matsue and Taipei, in addition to hot spring events.
To express Japan’s gratitude to Taiwanese people and strengthen the friendship between the two cities, Matsue Mayor Masataka Matsuura and City Council Speaker Hayato Moriwaki are visiting Taipei with the peony exhibit for the fourth time while presenting the city government with a “Matsue Castle” wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) artwork.
During the period of the exhibition, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will organize seminars and activities introducing the peonies and local specialties of Daikon Island, as well as couplet calligraphy classes and giveaways. Individuals interested in the hands-on “CNY Floriculture” class are required to sign up at the event. There are only 20 openings available. 

Matsue is joined by Kyoto and Kanazawa as the three most well-known Japanese cities producing wagashi. Wagashi art masters from the city will demonstrate the craft of transforming the confectionery into artworks during a show on February 8. A total of 100 wagashi servings will be distributed to visitors following the presentation of “Matsue Castle” to the City Hall on February 9.