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  • Subject:City to Enforce Rules Governing Bicycle Parking
  • Content:The Traffic Division of Taipei City Police Department is urging bicycle riders to abide by parking regulations as bikes have become an increasingly important means of transport for residents.

    With the government investing considerable effort into the promotion of green transportation in a bid to create a low-carbon and sustainable environment, Taipei has seen a substantial growth in the YouBike fleet over the years. Singaporean firm oBike also joined the ranks of the bike-sharing service providers in May of 2017.

    However, TCPD pointed out the popularity of cycling has resulted in a rising number of illegal bicycle parking; as many as 128 bicycles (including 87 oBikes) were towed away on July 12 and 13 for violating Taipei City Ordinance on Vehicles Impeding Road Traffic. Violations include parking on sidewalks, arcades, or areas where bicycle parking is not allowed.

    TCPD calls on cyclists to heed traffic regulations and park their bikes in either parking space designated for bicycles or motorcycle parking facilities in areas where dedicated spaces for bicycle parking are unavailable.

  • Date:2017/7/14
  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
  • picture: City to Enforce Rules Governing Bicycle Parking
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  • Updated: 2017/7/14 17:23
  • Reviewed: 2017/10/2 15:26

  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government