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  • Subject:Korean Guest Tours 2017 Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show
  • Content:The Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show has successfully boosted its international profile! Korean delegates from the Council of Asian Floral Exhibitions are visiting the exhibition to conduct exchanges on horticulture knowhow and exhibition operations.

    According to Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan, the Council of Asian Floral Exhibitions consists of major floral exhibitions in Asia, including Taiwan (Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show), Nepal (Nepal Botanical Garden Expo), Bhutan (Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition), Indonesia (Tomohon International Flower Festival), Kazakhstan (Astana Flora Expo), Pakistan (Pakistan Flower Show), and South Korea (Goyang International Flower Festival).

    Hae ri Park, the council representative from South Korea, toured the Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Festival at the invitation of city government. The exchange is important for expanding mutual knowledge in the fields of horticulture expertise, showcase organization, floral arrangements, and marketing strategies.

    Expressing amazement at the skills demonstrated by PSLO staff in arranging the Da-li Chrysanthemum display, Park praised the display for plant in successfully highlighting characteristics such as shapes and colors, as well as organizing them to form the shape of a water drop.

    The Korean delegate also extended an invitation to Taipei City Government to take part in the 2018 Goyang International Flower Festival slated for May of 2018. Hopefully, by setting up a pavilion demonstrating horticultural arrangements with local flavors, more foreign friends will be able to learn about Taiwan’s accomplishment in horticulture and gardening.

  • Date:2017/12/6
  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
  • picture: Korean Guest Tours 2017 Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show
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  • Updated: 2017/12/6 15:54
  • Reviewed: 2017/12/6 15:54

  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government