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  • Subject:Public and private sectors associated, fortifying the foundation of integrity management.
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          In order to promote a policy of ethics and furthermore establishing a cooperative commitment and trust between public sectors and private suppliers , "Establishing Integrity and Transparency Partnership Between Governments and Suppliers Seminar 2017" was held on November 2 by Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City, through which forms a consensus will be further extended to all public-owned enterprises of Taipei City Government to jointly implement social responsibility and establish partnership relations with private manufacturers.

          The seminar was held on the 2nd floor, 14th floor, Fuhua International Hall, Taipei City 9:00am November 2, 2006, dawning on speeches of deputy director of Agency Against Corruption Ministry of Justice Rong-Zho Chen, Deputy-Director of the Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City Government Pei-Luan Chiang and president of Taipei Municipal United Christian Hospital Sheng-jian Huang. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief of Taipei City Government's Unified Bidding Center Zhi-sheng Chen, Deputy Director of Taiwan's Fraud Control and Identification Association , accountant Wei-Xiong Xu, CEO of Dun and Bradstreet Wei-Zeng Sun, with more than 60 merchants and suppliers of Taipei City United Hospital, Taipei Water Department and Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation etc. and exceeding100 business representatives attended.

          Shun-Xiong Xu, accountant and founding chairman of Taiwan Fraud Prevention and Identification Association, addressed a keynote speech "Conception and Development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) - Creating a Better Future, Starting from Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility”. Wei-Zhen Sun, the Regional CEO of Dun and Bradstreet then shared the empirical knowledge of internal ethics and moral management. The sharing of experiences thereby elaborating a profound theoretical basis and practical experiences in regards to enterprises’ social responsibility and integrity management.

          The essence of the seminar, stated by Commissioner Feng-Liang Shen, is to facilitate an discussion between government representatives, scholars and experts , aiming to introduce an article of trust into the template procurement contract of state-owned companies. Representatives state, by persuading enterprises pursuing business profits while fulfiling more social responsibility, reducing internal financial risk while cooperating with officials, private and public sectors can build up a trusting relation with the letter of commitment. A “steppingstone toward success”, acountant Shun-Xiong Xu made the remark.

          End of the seminar, with a series of group photos of 5 main attendants and enterprise representatives, the issue of discussion is only about to take off.
    Group Photo of the Main Attendants

    Group Photo of the Main Attendants

    Group Photo of the Main Attendants

    Group Photo of the Main Attendants

  • Date:2017/11/14
  • Source:Department of Government Ethics
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  • Updated: 2017/11/14 16:04
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  • Source: Department of Government Ethics