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  • Subject:Information on Extracurricular Activities for City Employees
  • Content:To encourage city employees to participate in leisure activities during off-duty hours and promote interaction with others and development of team spirit, Taipei City Government agencies have established a total of 25 clubs, including sports club, literature and arts club, longevity lifestyle club, religion club, and others.
    To establish a club, a petition of 30 or more individuals from different agencies is required. A charter of the club is also necessary, with contents covering subjects such as purpose, organization, members, and activities. Once approved by the mayor, the club will be established.
    Activities organized by the city government’s clubs should allow the participation of current employees, retired employees, and dependents of employees to participate on a registration basis. Club activities should take place on a regular basis in principle, making use of weekends and holidays or hours between/after work for events. Different competitions, performances, or exhibitions should also be held in observation of festivals or other commemorative holidays.
    The funding required for clubs to hold activities, in addition subsidies from the Taipei City Government Department of Personnel’s budget, should come from fees collected from members for activity participation, ensuring healthy finance of the club and facilitating activity promotions.
    After the Department of Personnel collected the basic information of city government clubs and related activities, the agency will publish “List of Activities of Respective Clubs” and distribute the list to agencies and schools.

  • Date:2017/8/8
  • Source:Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government
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  • Updated: 2017/8/8 17:12
  • Reviewed: 2017/10/2 18:05

  • Source: Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government