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  • Subject:2017, The Journey of Water Flow, Flood Control Experience Park Will Open Application From Today
  • Content:Due to extreme global climatic anomalies in recent years, the Government has the responsibility to make sure the citizens understand the power of water and notice the importance of flood control when facing typhoon and rainstorm. In order to help the citizens understand the crucial relationship between human and water, learn how to cooperate with water and the extreme climate changes.

    Hydraulic engineering offices, public works department, Taipei City Government presents “Follow Taipei’s Water Flow” Flood Control Experience event. The event is hosted by Guandu Nature Park, Wild Bird Society of Taipei (NGO) with environmental experts. The event provides participants in touring the river around Taipei city like Ecological and Flood Control of Dagoi Stream Park, Nei Goi river Ecology Trail, Shetzu Island Wetlands and Jin-Rui Flood Management Park.

    The participants can also see the Headquarters of pumping stations and experience the advanced flood control system, moreover, experiencing the brand new climatic testing facility to get a sense of feeling in strong wind and rain. The main idea of the event is to learn from viewing, touching, and experiencing the importance of water in the daily lives.

    “The Journey of Water Flow” provides an educational function in environment, and accept the applications in both individuals and groups. The event will take place in July & August during the summer for 20 shifts and open for schools and groups from Taipei and new Taipei city from September to December. The event will serve approximately 800 people during the time period.

    In order to let the flood control experience to be more complete, the event provides quite an amount of subsidy. For individuals, the event will not only cover full payment but also offer children from 6-15 years old to attend without charges with the accompany of adults. For groups the event offers NTD 6200 to subsidy for transportation cost, and each group can apply up to twice.

    The application opens to public online on June 20th. If you have any questions or concerns please call 02-28587417*201~204 or go on the official website for individual application ( or group application (

  • Date:2017/7/28
  • Source:Hydraulic Engineering Office
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  • Updated: 2017/7/28 16:17
  • Reviewed: 2017/7/28 16:16

  • Source: Hydraulic Engineering Office