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  • Subject:Bravo Station Goes Live, Integrating Efforts from both Public and Private Sectors
  • Content:Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the press conference announcing the opening of the nation-wide Bravo Service Stations on July 9. A total of 71 stations will be established across the entire island. These stations will involve thousands of goodwill ambassadors to provide assistance to the public on issues ranging from Universiade tickets, schedules, and venues.

    During his address, the mayor noted that there is roughly one month left before the Summer Universiade kicks-off on August 19. He believes that it is the right time to begin mobilizing support in the private sector. In addition to groups and organizations, he is also confident in mobilizing the borough and neighborhood offices which are affiliated with the Department of Civil Affairs.

    According to Ko, many people around him expressed concern about the sales of Universiade tickets. He believes that the first thing to do is have the tickets go on sale first. If there really is a problem, he will consider mobilizing groups and organizations in the private sector. He is confident in the strength of Taiwan’s private sector.

    During the Q&A session with the media, reporters asked him whether he is confident in raising public awareness on the upcoming tournaments through the opening of Bravo stations. Using the statistics from World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung as reference, the mayor explained that public awareness on such major sport events begins to grow during the month before the start of the tournament. It is during this period when sales of souvenirs and tickets see a rise.

    As for whether mobilizing the support of private organizations and groups defeats the purpose of holding the games, Ko remarked that calls from the four major organizations and religious groups have astounding results, and he isn’t hurried about tapping these resources just yet. The current mission for the city government is to concentrate its effort on promotions.

  • Date:2017/7/10
  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
  • picture: Bravo Station Goes Live, Integrating Efforts from both Public and Private Sectors
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  • Updated: 2017/7/10 16:12
  • Reviewed: 2017/10/2 15:26

  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government