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  • Subject:Exceeding Gwangju Universiade’s silver medal, Huang Shih-feng brings glory home
  • Content:For today’s (May 4th) TBS Sport Spotlight Universiade 2017 series topic “javelin throw”, we invited Taiwan’s second Olympics javelin thrower, Huang Shih-feng, who will also be competing in the Taipei Universiade in August, to share with us his experiences on air. Shih-feng requested the song, “Goodbye, Zhonggang Road”, during the program. Being a native of Kaohsiung, the song portrays the feelings of someone who has left his hometown for the purpose of work. The life of a sportsman is tough, as described in the lyrics, “taking each step forward with a heavy heart”, hoping that he will bring success back home.

    Taiwan’s last male Olympics javelin thrower was Chen Hong-yan, who took part in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. After 32 years, Taiwan produced another Olympics javelin thrower, Huang Shih-feng, who showed a remarkable result of 83.72 meters at the 2016 IAAF World Challenge meeting in Kawasaki, Japan, during the finals. It not only broke his personal 82.11 meters national record, but also crossed the Olympics qualifying mark of 83 meters.

    When throwing the javelin, the javelin has to be raised above the thrower’s shoulder. There is a runway for the thrower before throwing the javelin. After the throw, the javelin has to land within a specified scope for a score to be taken. If it lands outside the scope, no score will be taken.

    Huang Shih-feng has loved sports since he was young. In the early days, he joined baseball and football teams, but eventually switched to track and field before graduating from junior high school, as the school ball teams were dismissed. Shot put was his main sports item, followed by the javelin. However, his potential in the javelin throw was unleashed by chance. Huang Shih-feng said he felt very excited when he saw the javelin flying in the air after each throw.

    “At that time, I just wanted to have fun and couldn’t bear the hardship of training. Training was boring and I don’t like to be controlled”, Shih-feng recalled his senior high school life. “Coach Xue constantly guided and encouraged me, and pulled me back on track.” Coach Xue Sheng-Rong plays the role of a strict father in Huang Shih-feng’s career as a javelin thrower. They have established strong chemistry in both training and competition after years of cooperation. Huang Shih-feng joked that some skills that the coach teaches are slightly abstract, which requires a certain degree of comprehension and tacit understanding.

    Before earning his ticket to the Olympics, Huang Shih-feng participated in two Universiades (2013 Kazan and 2015 Gwangju). The previous competitions made him realize that the greatest fear of an athlete is injury. During his first Universiade, his performance was affected due to a back injury, which made him pay special attention to this health after that. He was very happy to win a silver medal in his second Universiade. With his countless achievements, Huang Shih-feng said, “I want to thank my family, coach, teachers from the association, and those who kept encouraging me. I owe my achievements to you all.”

    “My dream is to win a medal in the Olympics.” Huang Shih-feng is not discouraged from his defeat in the Rio Olympics. He said that his short-term goal is this year’s Taipei Universiade, and next year’s Asian Games, while his biggest goal is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. By following the goals set, he is determined to pursue his dream, and bring success home.

    The Asian Grand Prix Taipei held on April 30th is also a test match for the Taipei Universiade. Huang Shih-feng reversed the situation and won a gold medal in his last throw. “I was very happy that my mother came to the game; it was her first time to watch me compete. However, I did not let myself get overexcited. Instead, I competed in my usual state.” Huang Shih-feng said he often competed in Taipei Municipal Stadium in the past, and has won quite a number of medals there. Hence, the place is no stranger to him.

    Speaking of the newly renovated venue, Huang Shih-feng admitted that “the upgrade of the overall environment makes competition more comfortable, and the venue is of world-class standard. Through this competition, which can be treated as a form of training, I believe I can produce good results in this year’s Universiade.”

    From his two Universiade experiences, Huang Shih-feng said, Kazan Universiade in Russia was his first Universiade as well as his first large-scale competition. The activities in the athlete’s village, interaction with competitors from all over the world, and Russia’s culture and custom made a great impression on him. This coming August, Taiwan will be holding the Universiade. “Competing in my hometown definitely gives me a special sense of security, and I’m especially excited.” When I competed overseas in the past, my family could only watch me on television. This year, I’m going to invite my parents to the venue to share my glory.

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  • Date:2017/5/18
  • Source:Taipei Broadcasting Station
  • picture: Exceeding Gwangju Universiade’s silver medal, Huang Shih-feng brings glory home
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