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  • Subject:City Officials Discuss East District Gateway Project at Meeting with Business Leaders
  • Content:Led by Mayor Ko Wen-je, a city delegation comprising Deputy Mayor Charles Lin, Urban Development Commissioner Lin Jou-min, Transportation Commissioner Chang, Jer-yang, Economic Development Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh, Finance Commissioner Chen Chih-ming, and Public Transportation Section Chief Chu met with business representatives and private sector elites at the Nangang Software Park’s International Conference Center on March 14.

    During his address, the mayor explained that after investing much effort into the West District Gateway Project over the past two years, the city government is ready to move on to a new phase of focusing in the eastern part of Taipei after the upcoming Universiade.

    Following the mayor’s address, Commissioner Lin of Urban Development Department briefed the audience on an overview of the development plans for East District and visions for the future. Transportation Commissioner Chang also presented a report on the comprehensive traffic plans, stressing the interconnection of public transportation spanning MRT, buses, bicycles, and short-distance transfer buses.

    Economic Development Commissioner Lin provided details on plans for industries listed under the East District Gateway Project, noting that the City will work closely with the Executive Yuan’s Asian Hub for Biotech Industry Development Project and has chosen the “Former Zhongxiao Military Camp and City-owned Properties on the West Side” as the main site. The location will have the added advantage of biotech industry cluster and traffic convenience, thanks to the new High-speed Rail station in Nangang which reduces commute time from northern Hsinchu to Nangang within 30 minutes.

    Follow the presentation, Mayor Ko and attending city officials took part in a symposium to answer questions from the audience and industry representatives. Deputy Mayor Lin presided over this session.

  • Date:2017/3/15
  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government
  • picture: City Officials Discuss East District Gateway Project at Meeting with Business Leaders
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  • Updated: 2017/3/15 15:18
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government