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Major Events

Tune in to TBS from Anywhere in the World through the Internet

TBS is a nexus of arts and literature.The Taipei Broadcasting Station broadcasts twenty-four hours a day in a variety of ways. You can tune in to FM 93.1 or AM 1134, or access TBS over the Internet if you are outside of the local broadcasting range. This makes TBS convenient for people around the world.
The Taipei Broadcasting Station maintains an objective whilst still producing news, public services, and educational programs. It offers its listeners a truly international perspective. From the station's beginning to the present day, it has been the Taipei Broadcasting Station's wish to offer listeners the best service and quality programming possible. In order to maintain the quality of the programs, the Station supervises and revises its programs based on their ratings and other types of research. According to the latest research conducted by the Broadcasting Development Fund, TBS broadcasts to over 100,000 listeners. With the onset of the digital ages, TBS has constructed a website for listeners to leave messages. Each question is answered by a specialist in the respective field. All in all, TBS believes that creativity and an open attitude are ways of not only improving the Station but also helping the City keep up with international trends and providing listeners with high-quality programming.

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